Client - Anupama and subramanya gupta

Residential restoration and interiors, 6,500 SFT

Year - 2016


“An incredibly sensitive restoration of our ancestral home, of which we are very protective. It was in very sensible and artistic hands with Husna Rahaman as she not only preserved the antiquity but also addressed the vibrancy and added thoughtful additions to our home. Fulcrum is a terrific team whose professionalism is commendable.”

- Anupama and Subramanya Gupta

When the past faces the future, the result is a space where the clock ticks back and forth and time is suspended.

-Husna Rahaman.

The largest colonial mansion in the city, sitting on a prized ‘acre’ deserved respect with a dash of ‘cheeky irreverence’, the result is a space that swiftly moves through history with an arrow pointing towards the future
The intervention was responsive to the heritage and respected the existing building typology with an edge of modernism. A design story was woven around the space taking inspiration from the existing patterns in the house, from finials in the façade to motifs in the flooring around the house. Hand-woven rugs, handmade woolen carpets, customized furniture and imported hand blown glass chandeliers adorning this enchanting residence are only a few of the elements that make this home fit for royalty

The Grand Hall has a series of small rooms on two sides, which serves as accommodation and rest rooms. The lofty height space of the Grand Hall looked disproportionate with the 7 feet high door openings. A grid of solid wood members was introduced on the walls, to raise the eye of the viewer and experience the large volume.

The terrace at the back was raw and had an existing tree. It was retiled with two seating spaces, a gazebo and a floating platform around the tree. The view of an existing tall institute adjacent was screened with metal jali, customized patterns derived from ornamental motifs around the house.