It was wonderful having Husna Rahaman take our 15,000 sqft space and watch her transform it into a home which looks and feels like a 24,000 sqft space. She is a very creative, practical and an out of the box thinker. She gives a unique spiritual touch which elevates all her designs into something unfathomable. The spaces designed by the team are executed in a sensitive yet professional manner. The look and feel of these spaces transform beyond your imagination. The play with materials is so unique that one can never seem to find even a moment of monotony in them. Elements used around the space makes it look fresh even after 7 years of living around them. It is truly magical and a discovery till date.

- Shri Tejraj Gulecha and family

Manyata Developers


Fulcrum studio is one of the State of the Art design firms in Bangalore. We have worked with Husna in two projects, one is my current house which was constructed 12 years back and recently my apartment in Kingfisher Towers. Both my houses are beautiful and so contemporary. It feels new everytime I come back home. Husna has great aesthetic sense, lighting is her forte, the entire house transforms in the evening. We are hooked on to Fulcrum Studio and find it difficult to settle down with anyone else. Great job Husna, best wishes for your future endeavours.

- Meghna and Prasad Deshpande


Fulcrum studio has performed and delivered for us in an efficient and professional fashion. The design talent of Husna in giving us a unique home environment is exceptional. Her attention to detail is incredible, as is her fabulous eye for design. She has wowed us and anyone who comes to our home.

- Nita and Anil Agarwal


Rarely have I seen such thoughtful application of different materials in interiors. I would say, experimentation is the mainstay of Husna's creative expression. Besides her excellent design sense, her choice of colours and furniture is understated yet elegant. As a business associate with Puravankara, we truly value her commitment to quality and her professional inputs.

- Ravi Puravankara , Chairman Puravankara Builders


"We are deeply impressed with the vision and creativity and their passion to create landmarks. Their unique style of creating exclusive masterpieces makes them outstanding designers."

- Sanjay and Neelu Jain

SNN Builders


We went to Husna with a vision of building our dream home that could be enjoyed timelessly -a mix of contemporary and some traditional. At our first concept meeting Husna drew us a picture of a home that lifted the mould of our imagination. By the time we had our next couple of concept meetings she had created a model that to our surprise was extremely well detailed. Today the house is complete and amazingly the design of the house barely changed from what Husna had originally conceived. Kudos to her clarity of thought. Today the house has turned out to be everything that we wanted-a home full of character, contemporary but yet in many ways quiet traditional and sophisticated with a touch of handmade. What we liked about our experience with Husna and her excellent team of very dedicated , young , talented and enthusiastic employees was they were always ready and available and if needed , were ready to start from the drawing board without any compromise.

For us , it was a one stop since they took it all the way from architecture to interior design. This kept the flow of ideas consistent. We did take the risk of letting Husna decide on the initial concept and in many ways did permit her to go wild on her imagination and there certainly were times when we got somewhat worried about the practicality -but during those moments she would calm us down by telling us to " trust her and her judgment,” and we did. Today we are glad we did since the end product is far beyond our expectations. I must say, Husna and her entire team is passionate and proud of what they do but are still very understanding of the needs of the people that they design and build the home for.

- Sanjay and Kalpa Shah


True to its name, ‘Fulcrum’ of Husna Rahaman is on a solid foundation. Modern designing, effective coordination, pleasant and friendly deliberations and a thorough professional attitude is synonymous with Fulcrum. Husna having studied and gained immense designing experience from Parsons New York, one is pleasantly shocked to see the ease and comfort with which the home builder's ideas and requirements are taken seriously, deliberated and fused within the final drawings.
Working with Fulcrum is surely an enjoyable experience and in the course of a professional friendship the professionalism is mutually sidelined and what remains is a lasting friendship! This is all possible due to a very positive attitude to thrive for excellence and to genuinely believe in team work. Recommended highly for all who want class with a sense of pride and comfort.

- Anubhav and Vrinda Poddar


We had a great relationship with Husna and Fulcrum Studio and were very happy working with them. We highly recommend them! We are enjoying the aesthetics and interiors of our home as much as we did when we moved in ten years ago. Husna’s creativity, zeal and passion are truly unique. Her signature style is brilliant and her ability to be receptive to our suggestions and requirements without much ado deserves a special mention.
Husna and her team of young designers are very professional and their responsive interaction with us is very commendable. It has been a very satisfying experience working with Husna on a project so close to heart.

- Pankaj and Meera Ganeriwal


An incredibly sensitive restoration of our ancestral home, of which we are very protective. It was in very sensible and artistic hands with Husna Rahaman as she not only preserved the antiquity but also addressed the vibrancy and added thoughtful additions to our home. Fulcrum is a terrific team whose professionalism is commendable.

-Anupama and Subramanya Gupta

Advaith 2

Husna Rahaman restored our ancestral home with utmost care and sensitivity. We have also worked with Husna for our apartment and found versatility and moreover, the ability to have an enjoyable exchange of thought and understanding. A terrific team whose professionalism is commendable.

-Anupama and Subramanya Gupta


It’s a real pleasure working with Fulcrum. They are really thorough and refreshingly different. In fact, Husna has taught us what thinking out of the box really means architecturally! Now that we have been exposed to her brand of doing things we don’t think we can be satisfied with the other run of the mill stuff.
She is not just giving us a new house; she is ushering in a whole new lifestyle. A special word of mention to her extremely capable and responsive staff!

-The Mittal Family