Client - Mittals

Residential interiors, 10,500 SFT

Year - 2014


“It’s a real pleasure working with Fulcrum. They are really thorough and refreshingly different. In fact, Husna has taught us what thinking out of the box really means architecturally!

Now that we have been exposed to her brand of doing things we don’t think we can be satisfied with the other run of the mill stuff.

She is not just giving us a new house; she is ushering in a whole new lifestyle.

A special word of mention to her extremely capable and responsive staff!”

- The Mittal Family

To sculpt a five family dwelling with identical floor plans but entirely unique identities was a challenge that was thrilling.

Vastu being a factor, artistry was indeed a game changing tool which narrowed boundaries and blurred the rule book.

This home has an elevation that has sought to bring distinctively a feeling of ‘Independent Homes’ to one family dwelling. Colors on the outside give an identity to each family and reset the idea of boxed uniformity.

One of the floors has sculptural elements which also serve as seaters punctuating the rectangular space, a real treat which frames the views majestically. The contrasting floor deepens the elements in the room.

The second floor is a textural amalgam. Smooth and grainy, concrete and marble, light and shadow contrast with élan. Varieties of stone textures travel the length of the space. The sculptural stone blocks becomes the seater and dining . Playful swings hover above these solids.

The ground floor is the residence for the parents, clean and minimal; there is nonetheless a nod towards the exotic adapted in a fresh format. The living that overlooks the northern deck, is muted with accents of pattern. Marble runs the length of the space and ends with the cobble strip. Accessories added subtle hints in a very beige space. The shadows of the metal grid work wash the walls. Pivoted doors allow the guest bedroom to be a coomon area when not in use.

The first floor is a floor that is developed based on the stunning views of the park beyond. Customized furniture and an incredible Zen master bedroom are among the highlights. living has a striped flooring in the shorter axis. The wooden slat detail is used for the coffee tables and sofa base. The residence on the north front has a park with beautiful trees. The frames from the master and son’s bedroom doubles up as seater creating a seamless space when the rooms are not in use.