Client - Tejraj Gulecha & Prakhar Gulecha

Residential interiors, 15000 SFT

Year - 2017


“ It was wonderful having Husna Rahaman take our 15,000 sqft space and watch her transform it into a home which looks and feels like a 24,000 sqft space. She is a very creative, practical and an out of the box thinker. She gives a unique spiritual touch which elevates all her designs into something unfathomable. The spaces designed by the team are executed in a sensitive yet professional manner. The look and feel of these spaces transform beyond your imagination. The play with materials is so unique that one can never seem to find even a moment of monotony in them. Elements used around the space makes it look fresh even after 7 years of living around them. It is truly magical and a discovery till date.”

- Shri Tejraj Gulecha and family

Manyata Developers

From nothingness, the creation of something,
Something pure,
Something powerful,
And limitless,
Anything it touches can feel the flutter of the infinite,
The expansion of the emotion,
The reflection of the ideation,
The external transition of perpetual motion.

-Husna Rahaman.

Ekaa is unequivocally the largest penthouse in the big bang city of Bangalore. It is a 360° floating Island in the Sky. The physical design intent aimed at the creation of a ‘barrier free’ limitless expansion of views, vertically to the sky and horizontally to the stunning cityscape. The emotional design intent was to create a space that looked and felt like it lived in the present but was subliminally rooted in tradition. The form of the ‘Mandir’ was derived from the ephemeral lotus, the symbolism of its ‘transcendental purity’ was immaculately in harmony with the holistic design intent. The sky is stripped open above the Mandir to allow ‘effortless meditation’ in direct communion with the heavens above. The gilded bud held within is the home of the gods. The home circumabulates about this axis. This sculptural space is a cosmic capsule of light and shadow ensuring that every moment is encapsulated in its divinity.

The living room is a splendid play of classic lines and playful new age living. The flooring is a sweeping serpentine form of marble and mother of pearl and all the elements have a view above, across and beyond. The sofas are placed in customized clusters of back to back staggers which allows for interpretation of mind, mood and desire. Every detail, the Bidri coffee tables, the metal plant sculptures, the motifs on fabrics echo the saga of synchronicity. The spirituality of the family is translated by design intent which ‘de-stresses and de-clutters’ the senses. The lighting is discreet and inextricably woven in the architectural details of the network of the lines. The ceiling is as pristine as the sky overhead. Mindfulness and thoughtfulness have been philosophies articulated by geometry and form.

The transition corridor is the artery that allows escape into the bedrooms. The positioning of the doors is concealed within the radiance of the wrap design which disallows visible definitions and chooses to clarify the experience into a seamless continuity. The transition creates an experience and frames the stone sculpture with the horizon as a backdrop. The space itself has an intimate scale compared to the lofty living area and has doors to the rooms well camouflaged into the design. The pivoting photo element is an unusual take to the typical photo wall transforming the space each time. Multiplication of illusion.

Master Bedroom is an ode to the grandeur of kings. It is a majestic room which reinvents the 4 poster bed by the creation of the 8 poster which defines the trajectory to the bed. The iridescent mother of pearl inlay in pristine white marble is a salute to flawless artistry in the most fabulously understated way. A seductive whisper into the wind.

The younger master suite is a modern expression of form and pattern, the bed platform cusps the seater and then morphs to become the basins in this ballet of balance and precision. The bed, seater and basins are islands facilitate a pattern of behavior that is fluid and free. The physical pattern employed in this script uses a tessellation of ‘Stone and Steel’ to create synergy between the bed platform, seating platform and the handcrafted basins which bring connections & chemistry. The delicate embroidered fabric connects and flows through the spaces adding layers and warmth to the space.

The Kid’s Bedroom is the coalition of architectural calibration which creates three stunning elements-the bed floating off a platform, the light box overhead and the buttercup toilet box. A gradation of circles is the language devised to articulate the geometric forms. Childlike simplicity. Complex content. The Guest Room uses a beguiling wrap of malachite to create an element which snakes across the room and wraps under the bed set. This conduit of colour fuses the room into a purposeful endeavour of thought. The circular lights set off a series of divine halos.

The Daughter’s room is a mosaic of materials that is a thoughtful patch work of surprising materials-inlay of metal in marble, dark mother of pearl, marble and what’s more, concrete. A profusion of ‘watchful whimsy,’ this palette is randomly restrained. A modern mystery. The bed is lifted on a platform and is scooped into the concrete niche and may be used as step seaters from the rear. Cryptic.