Client - Husna And Suhail Rahaman

Residential interiors, 7000 SFT

Year - 2012

Our home ‘Kasbah’ meaning magical homes erupting from the earth, was conceived while on holiday in Morocco. The magic is intact, for Kasbah has grown wings and has embraced the sky- a penthouse filled with air, light and tantalizing views.
I believe that furniture and colour are only as good as their environment. A truly resonant space with chiseled architectural articulation, mood altering lighting and beautiful bones begs little and appropriate furniture, and entirely holds its own with a monastic, spiritual experience, the result I suppose of a 4-year degree at Parsons, New York.

-Husna Rahaman.

Born at the drawing board stage it was particularly easy to sculpt the interior architecture to create double heights and voids, vistas and unrestricted views. Entirely aborting the shoebox syndrome, I aimed to unite spaces rather than divide and to string all three levels of the space into seamless continuity of experiential flow.

Given the three floor programme, it was conceived that the entry for the home should be on level three, which houses the formal living, dining, kitchen and guestroom- you then walk down to the informal living room and three bedrooms, or up to the terrace- which is the party area- the doors of which slide and fold to reveal and unite with the hard landscaped zen garden, with its view of the sparkling lights of the city yonder.

Look up and the tensile sails of the upper terrace lit in hues of orange and red create another visual connection between the upper and lower terrace. The ramp on the upper terrace with the sails overhead have prompted many to do a Titanic ‘King of the World’ while I advise caution from below.