Client - Meghna and Prasad Deshpande

Residential interiors, 7000 SFT

Year - 2021


“ Fulcrum studio is one of the State of the Art design firms in Bangalore. We have worked with Husna in two projects, one is my current house which was constructed 12 years back and recently my apartment in Kingfisher Towers. Both my houses are beautiful and so contemporary. It feels new everytime I come back home. Husna has great aesthetic sense, lighting is her forte, the entire house transforms in the evening. We are hooked on to Fulcrum Studio and find it difficult to settle down with anyone else. Great job Husna, best wishes for your future endeavours.”

- Meghna and Prasad Deshpande

Soaring upward, a view to the heavens, flight, wingless, effortless.
Dematerialized, Devoid, the Void.
The silence of thoughts against your breath.
The length and breadth, unquantifiable, unmeasured, endless.

-Husna Rahaman.

‘Seeing through amber tinted lenses’ takes on a heightened meaning in this penthouse, the most exclusive King Fisher Towers in Bangalore. A team of Italian glass artists flew into the city to construct the two installations of glass art that anchor the living space by creating viewing tinted apertures that colour the space. Expansion, reflection and refraction engage in the vastness of crafted and curated design.

There is a sense of consistent continuity between the glass and the way that it has interpreted itself into the coffee tables. The lights are incredibly, artistically placed over the dining table and the coffee table.

The beautiful piece of art in the living room right behind the sofa adds a real calmness to the space, inverted tree picks up the light blues of the entire room.

A stone becomes a connector in the master bedroom. The entire flooring of the room is a gorgeous stone inlay which becomes the basin in the bathroom. The hanging lights reflects in the floor. The island bed is almost like a four poster bed except that it frames the room rather than just the bed space. The entire artistry around it is extremely unique.

The metal work in the son's room creates a frame around the bed and frames it. The beautiful change in flooring runs up the study. Next to it is an artistic canvas wall wherein a portion is framed with an empty metal frame and a mirror is also placed which reflects the rest of the room.

The room has a concrete wall that looks like a football field abstractly created at the back with lights running up to the ceiling. It is a dichotomy of two parts, one which is the concrete running onto the ceiling and the second is the wardrobe with wallpaper coming from the other side.