Client - Sanjay & Neelu Jain

Residential interiors, 12000 SFT

Year - 2014


"We are deeply impressed with the vision and creativity and their passion to create landmarks. Their unique style of creating exclusive masterpieces makes them outstanding designers."

- Sanjay and Neelu Jain

SNN Builders

This floating island in the sky is a tribute to the sky, clouds and the dazzling shimmer of the ethereal lake beyond.

‘Beyond’, ‘Above’ and ‘Surround’ are conceptual poems that are woven into materials, compositions and colors.

The entry is a play of illusionary light wands which creates a thoughtful enchantment as one journeys through the space. Vistas open vignettes of spaces like a kaleidoscope and serenity is the final transaction.

The lift lobby is finished in rough cement and a metal grid with accents of canvas art. Details like the customized sofas in the living, the poignant bursts of tailored color, the large painting and an odd armchair are fragments of surprising elements which fill the space with incredible unpredictability. This is a sojourn of the senses where all five combine to become one soulful experience. The suspended lights fall down like rain over the dining table which overlooks the mezzanine. The muted backdrop is broken with dining chair and accessories

The kitchen is a space that has a step up Zen garden beside and another deck overlaid above. The interaction between the spaces, built and un-built, garden and rooms, sky and floor is a nexus of great consequence.

The son’s room is finished in cement paired with the humble black and white, a drop of yellow mosaic that functions as a basin. The deck is done in wooden flooring to add the warmth.

In the elder son’s room the deep leather tiled niche brings out two masses in to the room. The basin and seater replicates the bed sitting on the raised tiled niche. The organic image of the branches helps break the lines in the room.

The master bedroom’s platform moves out into the outdoors to house the landscape. The raw cement finished shower, ewc, basin box is also brought out to give it an outdoor feel, privacy secured with the bamboos.

The outdoor vertical garden washes the space green. The metal framework parallels the stone monolithic profile which also lends itself in the poetry of landscape.