Client - Nita and Anil Agarwal

Residential architecture and interiors, 11,193 SFT

Year - 2019


“Fulcrum studio has performed and delivered for us in an efficient and professional fashion. The design talent of Husna in giving us a unique home environment is exceptional. Her attention to detail is incredible, as is her fabulous eye for design. She has wowed us and anyone who comes to our home.”

- Nita and Anil Agarwal

The mighty banyan is only as worthy as the length, strength of its roots.
Hidden yet alive, dark albeit drenched in its desire to touch the sky,
To breathe in the heavens, to feel it can fly,
To celebrate the immensity of light
Their quiet pursuit to surge, to reach, is the great wonder of life.

-Husna Rahaman.

Nniitaraa is a piece of sculpture with a function. The entry inside is highlighted by a yellow cavern like hollow foyer. Unknown to the entrant, this foyer opens up into a triple height living space. The house now unveils the artfully done interiors.

The design and material palette hugely comprising of stone, copper, marble and glass, gives the house an eclectic and contemporary look. Nniitaraa is a journey for the senses, which only gets better with time. Two organic curves clad with copper that is a blaze, creates a dynamism and movement unpredictable and wholly beguiling. The living is a triple height the unfolds with drama and daring as the curves regale in the light and splendour.

The bar is where the experience reaches its climax. The two curves and their curvaciousness are in full focal view.

The Master bedroom is stone and silk - opposites attract. Textured stone and lustrous silk share chemistry that resonates with vibrancy that can only be the outcome of their contrasting dimensions. Stone is old, cold and strong while silk is soft, glamorous and whimsical. The 'bed' is an island with a seater set into the platform at the back facing the rear of the room and another seater set into the platform facing the front. This, beyond being a rhapsody of stone and silk is a multi - dimensional concept which combines the sleeping space with the seating space.

The motif of the abstracted circle appears in the stone, light, carpet and bank of cushions interpreted differently in each medium, but together creating a unified experience of dynamism.

The son’s bedroom is spacious and states a fine balance between swirling stone and metal geometry – a combination whose chemistry is raw, yet refined. The design of the innovatively designed basin is formed from the language of the bed and it offers the best view of the home.

The daughter’s room is an ode to her preferences and choices. Two geometric forms in stone define the bed and basin, while drapery and tactile fabrics add femininity. The placement of the bed right in front of the window, keeps the ambiance naturally lit and airy. The bar is where the experience reaches its climax. The two curves and their curvatures are in complete focal view.