Client - Meera And Pankaj Ganeriwal

Residential Interior-Architecture, 10,000 SFT

Year - 2016


“We had a great relationship with Husna and Fulcrum Studio and were very happy working with them. We highly recommend them! We are enjoying the aesthetics and interiors of our home as much as we did when we moved in ten years ago. Husna’s creativity, zeal and passion are truly unique. Her signature style is brilliant and her ability to be receptive to our suggestions and requirements without much ado deserves a special mention.

Husna and her team of young designers are very professional and their responsive interaction with us is very commendable.

It has been a very satisfying experience working with Husna on a project so close to heart.”

- Pankaj and Meera Ganeriwal

A split in the main artery of the home ushers in the outdoors fusing it with the courtyard. Now, it is just a matter of allowing the rooms to peer vicariously into the glorious fissure. The split is sculptural with monastic benches which have a ‘water artery’ carved into them, gushing water playfully into the linear water slit. What prevails is a sensory voyage as spaces reveal and conceal and hollows are filled with form and rhythm.

The living room and dining are juxtaposed with the unusual furniture placement and provocative materials which oddly but interestingly marries with the more rustic central split.

The guest bedroom has a delicate metal and glass framework with a receding wooden monolith base. The floor and the furniture creates a pattern of squares and rectangles that look like extrusions.

A lifted bridge connects the rough hewed stone strip to the gleaming marble living room. Atop the living lies the family room connected to the private quarters by a bridge rafted in solid wood and raw metal. The axis of the bridge contrasts with the skylight stripe which bathes the home with season and song.

The master bedroom is a unique island-bed and basin both carved out of a monolithic block placed in the centre of the room. The pop on the room is the tall chair with an off centered customized hanging that can be seen from the common areas

The bedrooms are made visible to the more open expanses and appear like pieces of a mirage floating within pristine composition.

‘There are spatial boundaries, yet there are no boundaries.’ The large windows in each room looking into the artery split create an illusion of open spaces with absolutely no confinement within boundaries.

The daughter’s room is a fragile 4 poster in steel floating within the minimal space. These photos bring warmth and identity to the space. The bathroom reveals itself as you slide open this frame.