Client - Anita And Amitabh Kevin Saboo

Residential Interior-Architecture, 7,000 SFT

Year - 2016

The magnificent penthouse merges the boundaries between the inside and the outside, embracing the views of the city from the 16th floor, and framing them with graceful interiors which lends a new dimension to the space.
One enters straight into the double height volume of the formal living room which extends and opens into a spacious courtyard. The combination of different flooring materials from glossy beiges to rough rust stone, the lighting and ceiling treatment with metal blends the spaces and gives an illusion of a larger volume.
The vast use of glass visually connects the spaces and gives one the feeling of being outdoors, while maintaining privacy. The seating in the courtyard is designed as an extension to the living space, with a dramatic placement of staircase connecting the levels of the home and creating resonance for the entire palette and design.

The linear placement of the formal living and dining with an outdoor dining connects the spaces rather than creating multiple pockets. The materials used aid to the above idea and maintain fluidity of the spaces.

The opulent key feature of the living is the sculpted feature wall and ceiling with organic pattern, creating juxtaposition with the clean and straight lines which forms three dimensional shadows at night. The furniture comprising of customised tables in copper, mother of pearl and marble adds to the ornamentation of space.

One of the kid’s room looks out to the open to sky courtyard, which creates an anchor for this space and allows plenty of light to filter through the room. A cobble stone platform seats the bed and customised stone basins with ‘London and The Beatles’ graphics and installations depicting children’s love for music.

The master bedroom is located on the other side of the floor. The bedroom extends out to a long balcony reinterpreted as a platform with a beautiful view of the outside. The key feature of the room is the elevated ‘wrap’ which is finished with white marble, mirror and precious stones, is a tribute to the palatial experience and encourages one to step on it and enjoy the view from high up. It’s done deliberately and is a sort of viewing gallery or observatory. The bed partially sits on the elevated wrap and is crafted out of textured stone which is mirrored by a free standing wash basin sculpted in the same stone.