Client - Sanjay and Kalpa Shah

Residential Architecture and Interiors, 14,000 SFT

Year - 2022


“We went to Husna with a vision of building our dream home that could be enjoyed timelessly -a mix of contemporary and some traditional. At our first concept meeting Husna drew us a picture of a home that lifted the mould of our imagination. By the time we had our next couple of concept meetings she had created a model that to our surprise was extremely well detailed. Today the house is complete and amazingly the design of the house barely changed from what Husna had originally conceived. Kudos to her clarity of thought. Today the house has turned out to be everything that we wanted-a home full of character, contemporary but yet in many ways quiet traditional and sophisticated with a touch of handmade. What we liked about our experience with Husna and her excellent team of very dedicated , young , talented and enthusiastic employees was they were always ready and available and if needed , were ready to start from the drawing board without any compromise.

For us , it was a one stop since they took it all the way from architecture to interior design. This kept the flow of ideas consistent. We did take the risk of letting Husna decide on the initial concept and in many ways did permit her to go wild on her imagination and there certainly were times when we got somewhat worried about the practicality -but during those moments she would calm us down by telling us to " trust her and her judgment,” and we did. Today we are glad we did since the end product is far beyond our expectations. I must say, Husna and her entire team is passionate and proud of what they do but are still very understanding of the needs of the people that they design and build the home for.”

- Sanjay and Kalpa Shah

This architectural project was awarded ‘Most Innovative Architectural Project’ and is artfulness at a level of fullness that is rarefied. The play of a curve intersected by diagonals creates a habitat of unpredictability that unfolds like a saga of joyful mystique as it unfolds, weaving the onlooker into an odyssey that quietens the mind but sharpens the senses.

The calibration of spaces is sophisticated as geometries are employed which are rarely, if ever, seen co habiting boldly albeit gracefully. The resultant imagery is vibrant, immense and intense.

Every space unfolds into the other in majestic embrace, compelling a journey that transcends the perceived parameters of space. Dimensions within vignettes, vignettes within volumes, spaces within places.

Every shadow revives the memory, the banyan roots retrace history and the surprising openness revisits the horizon. One walks into a three dimensional watercolor moving from ochre to vermillion, burnt umber to ecru. Time flies as you are carried on the wings of change.

The exterior geometry of a curve intersected by lines is an awakening to the co-habitation of a typical form. The entry is heralded by a bridge which allows a walk-through of the sculpted garden with antique boats only to find a discreet door which permits a heady explosion of space as one comes face to face with the living dining and open kitchen.

The living room winds as curves and lines tango to the beat of drums and branches out.

The master bedroom plays off the idea of visible invisibility as it reveals and conceals all at once. Its effortless meditative quality resonates in its choice of material and pattern.

The boats symbolize an adventure…to the beyond.