Sensory Channel

Project - Nniitaraa

Product type - Bathware-Basin

Water will find a way. Inspired and extrapolated by rich ancient Indian culture -6th CENTURY WATER CHANNELS were used in Mandu for water purification, we rethought and innovated this poetic antiquated technology and have rebirth-ed the faucet and basin in the contemporary age. THE FAUCET IS NO LONGER MERELY A SOURCE OF WATER. IT IS A SENSORY JOURNEY THROUGH WATER CHANNELS etched into a monolith of ochre fossil stone. The sound, sight and touch of the water as one pauses is calming and engaging. such is the restorative power of moving and swirling water. THE BASIN IS NO LONGER MERELY A RECEPTACLE. IT IS A CHANNEL SYSTEM that collects and dispenses the water discreetly. '6th century India rethought and reinvented!!!'